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A word from the owner

Welcome to RJ Wilson, the beacon of trust and expertise for comprehensive fire and security solutions in the heartland of England. Originating from Lincolnshire and extending our expert services across regions like Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, and their neighbouring counties, our commitment is steadfast: To offer bespoke solutions for businesses, educational establishments, electrical contractors, HMOs, and a myriad of commercial infrastructures.


MD. RJ-Wilson

Our Mission

At RJ Wilson, we strive to fortify peace of mind, ensuring that each premise under our care stands resilient against unforeseen fire and security threats. In a world where legislation and regulatory nuances constantly evolve, we emerge as your unwavering sentinel, making sense of the intricate.

Why RJ Wilson?

  1. Holistic Approach: From ideating the initial design to ensuring meticulous installation, commissioning, and thorough maintenance, RJ Wilson encapsulates every facet of your fire safety and security system needs.

  2. Seasoned Experts: RJ Wilson is backed by a brigade of adept fire and security engineers, each one a maestro in their field. Together, we pledge nothing short of brilliance.

  3. Bespoke Solutions: We understand uniqueness. Therefore, every solution we craft is sculpted to align seamlessly with your specific requirements, rather than a generic template.

  4. Legacy of Trust: Our illustrious past and the trust our clients place in us echo our relentless pursuit of perfection.

Your Guiding Hand

In the maze of shifting regulations and the myriad of product choices, RJ Wilson stands out as your reliable compass. More than just service, we offer insights, ensuring every step you take is compliant, future-proof, and above all, secure.

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