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Commercial Fire Alarms & Detection Systems

Due to stringent UK fire safety regulations around commercial fire alarms, detection systems, emergency lighting, signage, and evacuation procedures, protecting your industrial premises, and most importantly your people, from the dangers of heat, smoke and fire can be an understandably frustrating, time-consuming and costly exercise. The great news for you is, we’re BAFE Fire Safety Registered, and we create fit-for-purpose, BAFE compliant, commercial heat, smoke and fire detection, and fire alarm systems designed for each company’s specific needs.

BAFE Fire Safety Registered & BAFE Compliant

Fire Alarm Systems in Commercial Buildings

Finding the best commercial fire alarm and detection system designers and installers in the UK to support you and offer expert guidance, is of paramount importance to your business not only staying legal, but also sustainable.

With such a choice of commercial fire alarm specialists in the central East of England, as well as alarms and detection equipment on the market today, not to mention ever evolving new legislation and regulations affecting the decision-making process, it’s not at all surprising that it can become difficult, trying to fathom out your best option, especially when managing your company’s fire safety matters alone.

Rest assured, you’re not the only one researching for fire alarms for commercial premises – businesses are doing so now more than ever, particularly with the tightening of regulations since the tragic and disastrous building cladding situation came became apparent.

So for you, finding us can be considered something of a bonus. We are delighted to be able to offer a fully BAFE Fire Safety Registered, and BAFE compliant service for the design, installation and maintenance of automatic heat, smoke and fire detection systems, and fire alarm systems for retail shops, pubs, restaurants, offices, farm buildings, laboratories, and all kinds of commercial premises.

sprinkler system in an industrial premises to minimise fire damage
commercial fire alarm and detection system showing electrical system and pipework
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fire alarm sensor and fire escape sign, with flames, in a school
Local to You - Protecting People, Property & Profits

Commercial Fire Alarms - Nottingham, Leicester & Lincolnshire

As fire safety system specialists, we have a proven track record of designing and installing heat alarms, smoke alarms, fire alarms, and detection systems, that not only detect, alert and minimise the damage and disruption caused to businesses with commercial premises across Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, the South and East Midlands, South Yorkshire, Humberside and East Anglia.

Our BAFE Compliant, Commercial Fire Alarm Services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Design & Installation
  • Testing & Auditing
  • Servicing
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Monitoring & Management

We have an experienced and talented team of commercial fire alarm specialists, who are committed to providing you with commercial fire detection systems and alarms for your your commercial premises, tailored to your particular need – not our own – keeping your people, property and profit protected 24/7.

For a free, no-obligation conversation about your business’s fire and security needs, simply click and book a chat today!

Fire Detection System Advice & Support

No matter what type of industry you’re in, there can always be a risk of fire that can decimate your business or cause injury and loss of life. Stay safe by making sure you have the correct fire detection system for your commercial premises, with a regular monitoring and maintenance contract in place.

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